Thursday, May 24, 2007
Weather Sayings of the Old Sailors
Weather Sayings of the Old Sailors

• Dew indicates a good day ahead; a dry morning is sign of showers.
• Distant shores loom up "nearer" before rain because of thinning of the air.
• Large halo around the moon indicates cirrus cloudform and warm front rain.
• A veering wind is sign of fair weather; backing wind means rain.
• Falling barometer indicates nearing "low" area, with winds and rain.
• Rain is most frequent at the turn of the tide (if air is humid).
• Rainbow to windward, rain ahead. Rainbow to leeward, rains end.
• Higher the clouds, finer the weather. Lowering ceilings foretell a rain.
• Smoke that curls downward and lingers, means a nearing storm.
• Thinning air is harder to fly in. Birds "sit it out" before a storm.
• Sky full of webby cirrus foretells disturbance and rain's on its way.
• Lightning from the west or northwest will reach you; from south or southeast will pass.

Illustrations by Eric Sloane.


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