Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Oregon Scientific Weather Radio Recall
Some radios could fail to receive National Weather Service alert signals in certain areas of the country. In the event of severe weather, this failure could put a consumer’s life and property at risk.

The recall involves the following models sold from December 2005 through June 2007:
• All Hazards Portable Weather Alert Radio (WR103NX)
• Portable Public Alert Radio (WR108)
• Public Alert Weather Station (WRB308)
• John Deere Public Alert Weather Station (WRB308J)

Contact Oregon Scientific for information on how to receive a free replacement radio.

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my parents and i returned our
units in early november and
have YET to recv the replacements.

Or. Sci is not responding to emails or phone calls, we
were told in early december
we would have the replacements around dec 11….still NOTHING !
Same experience -- returned the weather radio with the label Oregon Scientific provided, and have heard nothing back. The regular customer service desk can only take a message and pass it along to the recall team. I have had no response to messages, to emails, or to web site postings. Since we are starting to get winter tornados here in central Florida, I have to go buy another weather radio--from a different company.
We too, returned ours in November and have not yet received a replacement. We were told several weeks ago that it would be mailed that week. Still nothing.
I posted 1/22/08 at 11:16 AM. I just received a replacement weather radio from Oregon Scientific -- new, still in packaging, complete with AC adapter, holder, etc.
We returned our radio in November. After repeated promises of "shipping this week", we were told "we must of slipped through the cracks". We filed a complaint with the Attorney General in our state and contacted the Consumer Product Safety Commission. While awaiting action by these two agencies, we decided to call Oregon Scientific one more time. Success!!!! Try calling 1-800-203-4921. Insist on talking with a supervisor. Try to talk with Mark!! Impress upon whoever you speak with that this radio is a necessity, not a luxury. We had a UPS tracking number that same night and a new radio in our hands 48 hours later. Don't give up. You paid for this product and they should either provide you with a working product or refund your money. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds familiar. I have an Oregon Scientific WRM968 Weather station. I sent the thermometer/hygrometer in for repair/replacement in early Nov 2007. After repeat calls, and promises I would be sent a new one, I finally sent a certified / return receipt letter to the headquarters address over 4 weeks ago and I've still heard nothing regarding my replacement thermometer / hygrometer. I think my State Attorney General is my next move as this company apparently has no intention of honoring their warranty even if you are in their face.
I bought WRB308 from an ebay store back in May 2006, will they still replace it? My wife kept commenting that it wasn't working right and sure enough she was right!! What model are they replacing it with? Any info/response is highly appreciated.
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